Post-Graduate filing a job applicationWe at Career Ladders Inc. – One of the Best Federal Resume Services in the USA. A proven track record of success, focused on providing career coaching and career transition. Having served many veterans and returning troops with their transition as a GSA Schedule Holder/Contractor  from 2002 to 2012, we are the experts. We at the Federal Resume Writer offer our certified  federal resume writing services, experience and confidence.  With over 15 years of  combined resume writing skills in both Private and federal resume writing we are  making a difference. We encourage all career changers, recent graduates, students, veterans and retired military to begin with a professional resume writing service such as ours. We help you discover a great career goal  that will lead to a rewarding  future and the pursuit of happiness. We are not a typical federal resume writing service and we go above and beyond  for each individual.   We are established and rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.     Please call 1-888-247-3786 email:  anita@careerladdersinc.com LIKE US ON  www.facebook.com/federalresumewriter


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FREE OFFER:  One-Hour Online Teleclass – “Veteran’s Preference Advantage,” for qualified returning military  members. (You will learn how to apply for specific federal jobs using special hiring authorities). Our passion is to make a difference for our returning troops, veterans and military from the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Reserves. We at Career Ladders Inc.of federal resume writer Thank you for your service!

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As an established Certified Federal Resume Writing Service/Job and Career Transition Coach are overriding requirements for a quality resume writing service.

Our certification as Certified Federal Resume Writer is up-to-date and on target the position you select and based on USAjobs and  those complex Online Assessment questions. As our military return home. they will need to know how to  find a jobs using evaluations, training, education (all valuable)  with military to civilian transition your military to civilian skills are great skills to build an outstanding resume. You will want to know what jobs you qualify for and what kind of money you can make. For example, 10 years of aircraft electronics mechanic experience, investigations, law enforcement, instructor, and much more  …how do I transition military background to  civilian jobs? How do I begin?  Before you begin your job search, please take the first step with us. WE SHOW YOU HOW! WE ARE FEDERAL JOB EXPERTS! WE HAVE SERVED OVER 1500 SERVICE MEMBERS SINCE 2002!

Serving veterans, disabled veterans and retired military find careers in both civilian and careers in government jobs since 2002. You need to walk in the shoes of a veteran in order to understand the importance of providing a quality service. We serve those who served. Our passion is to provide a positive career transition experience. It is our passion and desire to make a difference for returning military, veterans, and retiring soldiers.

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Please review other webites: www.careerladdersinc.com. The Private sector jobs are our business and expertise as well. We are also an established Outplacement Service as well. We have provided training for federal agencies, contractors and corporate companies on how to apply for a job, building a resume, resume writing,  jobsearch, online application, and interview coaching. Please visit other websites www.hireaveteranfirst.com  and www.fedjobsearchtrainer.com.Many available jobs are posted on our websites to include a example of a resume, after military jobs, airline jobs, executive, contractor jobs, and many other available jobs which are posted daily by outside companies. Our service is FREE.


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Career Directors International CertificationAORCP LogoResume Place Certification BadgeCareer Professionals conquer complex career issues. Employment issues are hot topics in today’s uncertain economic environment. The so-called “jobless recovery,” offshoring, outsourcing, manufacturing job drain, and high employment affect millions of Americans on a very personal level.

Capturing new employment opportunities and job security is an important issue. It is estimated that in the next five years 50,000 federal employees will be retiring. There will be new federal government jobs open to internal and external job seekers. By the way, did we mention that in 2012, we launched Hire a Veteran, a program to help employers connect directly with us to hire military veterans like yourself? Definitely take a look.

We will develop a Federal Resume package that is professionally formulated for a government job, one that will make it easier for the HR person to determine your qualified background and experience based on OPM Standards or Qualification Standards. USA jobs for veterans  offers good after military jobs and we can help you prepare and find them. Our prices are competitive and range in accordance to the  GS Level and complexity of the project. We base our price on a review of your old resume and a career.





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Pathways, short for the Pathways Program, are a new series of programs developed by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to reform the student hiring programs across the government. The Pathways Programs contains three main hiring options: Internship Program, Recent Graduate Program, and the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program.

Each of these programs allows hiring managers to leverage students’ skills in the government and each program allows for conversion to permanent or term positions. The programs are designed to help managers develop a pipeline of talent while providing recruitment flexibility and diversity.
Although Pathways allows for some temporary hiring, in most circumstances Pathways is used for developmental, permanent work. This intent is strengthened by the requirement to publicly post positions, create Individual Development Plans (IDP), training, and mentorship.

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