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Since 2000, we have assisted thousands of individuals with career development and transition. Here are what some of those people have to say about our service:
“Anita and her team are exceptional at what they do! I made the list for the position I was applying for in the Federal Government and was the only person interviewed. I was hired right away. If you are looking to get an interview and the position you have been desiring, do not hesitate to contact Anita! She is the best and will build a great relationship with you along the way. She has been a wonderful resource for me, and will continue to be as I move forward in my career. I have already referred her to two of my friends!”

Zackary G. (non-veteran)

"Hi Anita,

I started today at my new job and it is indeed very nice and the staff is great. Thank you Career Ladders Inc. for an outstanding service and professionalism, this was a very worthwhile experience for me. I am very happy with the services provided by you and your staff. Starting over after 23 years in the Army is not an easy thing to do, but you and your staff made my transition process so much easier. I am very happy with your services and continued support throughout my job hunting journey, I highly recommend your company to anyone transitioning or just switching careers. What set you apart from other services is the fact that you stayed with me all the way until I received my GS job offer, not only for the resume writing.\"

Carlos M. Reyes
Human Resources Assistant
US Army Civilian - Europe

“Kudos to Anita for doing a wonderful/great job with my resume. She is easy to work with and my wife and I are grateful for her assistance with this endeavor.”

Kevin G.

“Just to let you know that I got the job at Beale. This is very impressive considered I completed my degree a while ago. Anita is the best in the business as far as I’m concerned.”


“Hey, you know that old cliché “when it rains, it pours” Well, it is pouring. In the last couple of days I have had two more job offers, each better than the other. I was informed I was accepted for the position of GS-2210-11 right in tune with my skills. I honestly believe that the resume Anita did for me did the trick. If it hadn’t been for you, I would still be searching. Thanks.”

Larry W., Supply Technician

“I received a phone call this morning from the HR Dept. and was made an official offer. I will begin on Monday, July 18?

Shell G, IT Specialist

“Great news! I got the job! Only after the second or third job I applied for.” The notification said the following.. Your application for vacancy announcement number DE-SF-05-39 Veterans Employment Representative, GS-0301-09 in San Diego, CA has been reviewed. You are determined among our best qualified candidates and your application has been referred to the selecting official for further consideration. You will be contacted by the either the selecting official for an interview or our office regarding this position for final disposition of your application. Thanks again, because I’m excited that I got the job!”

Josh B., Veteran Representative

“Career Ladders was the help I needed to get my military experience down on paper. With 22 years of active duty in the Air Force and three different career fields, Anita focused on all my evaluations, awards and certificates to put together a Federal Resume that opened the doors to the Civil Service Sector. She knows her stuff!”

Gabriel V.

“I have been hired, at a GS-5 rank as Economic Assistant, I see it as a foot in the door. Thank you Career Ladders.”

Ed, Dept of Labor, Employee

“Career Ladders opened up a new way of how to apply for federal, state and local government positions for me. What they did for me I could not do for myself. Their professionalism was more than what I expected and produced positive results quickly. The resumes produced for me are outstanding and have been very beneficial when applying for a position.”

Russell S.

“I got the Administrative Support position at the VA Dental Clinic. Thanks for your help and support.” Michael C. “The Marines in Barstow have offered me a Supply Technician job to me and I accepted. Thanks again for all of your help

Victor L. B.

“Thank you very much for all the work that you put into my resume. I know that your efforts were a primary factor in all the doors that have opened up to me. Again Thank You. Very Much!”

Joseph M.

“A-1 service with Career Ladders. Anita Radosevich interviewed me for my resume and exceeded my expectations. I got the interview in 2 days. I was hired after the first interview.”

Glenn M., Contract Specialist

“As someone who used the services of Career Ladders, in seeking federal and state job opportunities, not only was I impressed with Anita Radosevich’s style of resume writing, I was hired by the VA within a few short months following my initial contact with her. Career Ladders is a first-rate resume writing company that knows and understands what the Office of Personnel Management (federal jobs) and the State of California, looks for in resumes. The style of writing the “attraction”, to a hiring manager’s eyes is what Career Ladders gives to you, the job seeker.”

Jeannie Campbell, Production, Galt, CA

“I’ve been offered and accepted an HR Assistant Job with the Bureau of Land Management. Additionally, I will have benefits and an opportunity to learn several HR areas simultaneously. The position offers opportunity for advancement and longer employment with the federal government, but most importantly it will give me actual HR experience. Great News and Thank You.”

Mark O., Program Support Assistant, Martinez, CA

Thank You Card: “Anita, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for all of your help and your professionalism and attention to detail writing my resume. It is a real eye catcher. Thanks Again.”

Virgil M.

Thank You Card: ” Anita and staff, I could not put into words the gratitude I have for what you have done to assist me in getting the Vet Service Rep Position. So a big “Thank You” is the best I can do. Thank you very, very much.”

Juan C.

“As a veteran and with pride, I welcome the opportunity to submit my testimony on behalf of Career Ladders and its president, Anita Radosevich. Her expertise and guidance in submitting a successful resume and KSA’s has been invaluable in attaining my federal position. Chasing and obtaining a federal job is extremely complicated, what with the different agencies requiring different formats and varieties and application. Career Ladders clarified this complicated process into valuable and useful information that helped me complete and have a credible presents on the federal level. Without any reserve, I highly recommend Career ladders professional training and competency in the preparation of federal professional resume and KSA formatting.”

Zack L.

“You are very much liked and appreciated by all my clients. They marvel at our talents in pulling all that info together for them. By the way, I think I forgot to tell you something important -Tony V. got the position in our office – the Rehabilitation Technician!! Yeah, teamwork again. I gleaned over Karen K’s KSA’s and they are marveled!! I think she stands a good chance!!”

David M. Orozco

“Great news, I got a job at Sierra Nevada Brewery as a QA Microbiologist!!! Thanks for all your help with the resume building, interview skills and the rest, they really helped in getting the Job! Thanks again ”


“I am now working as a Contract Specialist thanks to you Anita. I couldn’t have done it without you. I tried for years to get a Federal Job. And thanks to you it happened.”

Esther T.

“Wow! Anita you did it. I wanted the job and you helped me get it. For years I tried to get the job as Electronics Technician with the agency of my dreams that would allow me to work on ships and you actually helped me get the job through the Marine Sealift Command. I could not believe that your 13 page resume and KSAs would do the job. Actually, I got the job without an interview. Isn’t that great. I’m really happy! Thank you Anita.”

Dave – (Veteran)

“Today is October 18th, 2008. I would like to share with you how happy I am in my new position with the VA. I got the career of my dreams with the Federal Government. Everything here is great from the co-workers, my bosses, dealing with social workers, and administrative officers. I just want to give you a great thank you and without your help I would never be here. I love my job.”

“I am proud to be a success for you. I believe that the 13 level is excellent for a start as a Health Systems Specialist. Hope others will be as fortunate.\" Thanks again.

Farrel – Program Support Assistant (Veteran)

I am 40% disabled and had been in executive positions in the civilian health care industry before deciding that I needed a job with the Federal government. I was unsuccessfully searching for a position for 1 year prior to meeting Anita and Career Ladders, Inc.

I had no clue what level position I was qualified for or even what type of job I should apply for. So, I tried unsuccessful to conform with the very confusing application process and had no positive results. I was very fortunate to find Anita and her company. They have a very focused and effective program that prepares veterans for Governmental jobs. Applying for a Federal Government jobs is not easy and is not very intuitive. Her company was able to teach me quickly the right way using the proper terms and qualifications to be most effective.

As a direct result of her tutelage, I was able to qualify for several postings and was interviewed for 4 positions. I accepted a Health Insurance Specialist position working at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Operations in Baltimore, Maryland.

If it wasn’t for her help, I would probably still be looking for a job with the Federal Government and running into increasingly difficult financial times. Because there is just too much that is not written that is needed to be successful.

I can not imagine how someone coming right out of the service, disabled and young could ever work their way through this complicated application process without the help of a company like Anita’s.
Thank you again Anita and career ladders!!

David M.

Health Insurance Specialist

Division of Medicare & Health Plan Operations

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services


I hope you and your family are doing well. I am still here, working at the Social Security Administration. It was a bit rough at first with all the training but I stuck with it and it is going GREAT!! In March of this year, I will be off probation and promoted to GS-8 and I cannot wait. Working here as been a blessing and I owe it all to you and your employees. I thank you with all my heart for all your help and guidance. After all my family and I have been through, getting this job is a blessing!! I get to spend more time with my family than I did before. I wish you, your family and your employee’s a Blessed New Year!

Thank You, Dennis D, USAF Vet

High quality client service is of utmost importance to us. As such, we would appreciate your feedback regarding how well your résumé worked for you. Please take a moment to complete this short questionnaire. Thank you for your cooperation!

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2. How many total interviews have you received since we worked with you?

3. How long after working with you did you receive your first interview?

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4. What methods did you use to seek positions?

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[ ] Recruiting firms [x ] Internet sites [ ] Other:

5. How do you find the job market in your line of work?

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6. If you received interviews, do you feel your résumé played an important role?

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7. Have you received any job offers? [ x] Yes [ ] No How many? 2

8. Was salary offering commensurate with your experience? [ x ] Yes [ ] No

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9. If you had to do it all over again, would you choose our firm? [x ] Yes [ ] No Why or why not?

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Name: David S.
Occupation: IT Specialist

Thank you very much for your time!

Provided by Recent Client

I am currently employed by the Department of the Navy. My occupation is Captain, my years of service is currently 26, I recently had the privilege of using Career Ladders inc for writing and submitting a resume for myself. Their professionalism and Anita’s expertise in this field was awesome. She produced and backed up all her qualifications with the final resume. It was done very professionally, i could not have been more satisfied. I would highly recommend her company for anyone to use, be it first time applying, transfer of position or promotion. You will not be unhappy.

Brian Goforth, Department of the Navy (Federal Civilian Employee) Non-Veteran

David Moscovic

Career Ladders Inc. helped me find a great job. I have been extremly pleased with the position and with the help they provided. It is a competitive time to get hired and they give you a definate advantage.

I contacted Career Ladders to help me with the Military Sealift Command promotion position.
As far as the service ….it was excellent, communication was excellent. The price was fair for what I received. The package was perfect because I was rated the “Best Qualified” for the position. I interviewed for a promotion and I am now a WATCH OFFICER working with the Third Officer.

Glenn Hazzard, 100% satisfied in Laconia, NH


The day I arrived for my job search assistance by the contractor “Career Ladders Inc” was the day my life changed forever. I received a one-on-one service by an individual who was totally qualified to provide this service. First of all, I received a warm and courteous welcome by Anita Radosevich and their staff as well as a thank you for my service. I had already been searching for a job for over 2 years when I was referred to this contractor. The contractor began with a get acquainted time, then an explanation of what would be provided. There would be a thorough training involved on how to get a job with the federal government and it was explained to me the training would also assist with private sector employment as well.
The training encompassed an overview of many different aspects of job search including how important it was to build an extensive 5+ page resume based on specific criteria. (What no 1 or 2 page resume!). I was amazed at how much I learned in a short period. I explained to the contractor that I had received the TAP training program upon the release of my military service. I didn’t really gain anything from the TAP program and felt disappointed. I also explained to Anita that it was amazing that by receiving the right training and assistance I began to feel hopeful, and gained more confidence about where I was heading with my future. A career goal was determined based on my military experience, education and skills set that I didn’t believe was significant. I began to realize that my many years combined experience could be put to good use in a job.
It was around six months later that I acquired a great position that was ultimately the career of my dreams. I truly believe that the experience with this particular contractor changed my life forever. The contractor was hired to help me and this particular contractor provided an exemplary service. Thank you Career Ladders Inc.

Josh B. – Service-Connected Disabled Veteran – Yes, I may be contacted.

To: Mrs. Radosevich and Staff
I thank you and appreciate the pleasure in your staff assisting me. As a disabled veteran transitioning I am now employed with the federal government. I have been employed now for (6) months. I started on 04/22/2012, Veterans Affairs, Palo Alto Medical Center. GS-5 Office Automation Assistant (Time Keeper). Once Again Thank you for all your time and patience.


Wynn B.


Gabriel Estes has sent you a message.

Subject: Thank You
I just wanted to thank you for writing my resume. I have now been working as a GS 9 civilian for some time. I Council disabled soldiers regarding the Army’s integrated disability evaluation system. Whenever a Soldier asks me how I got my job, I refer them to career ladders!

Hello Anita,Jimmy Braninburg here….I finally have been deployed by the SBA (Federal Gov’t). I’m going to D.C. for one week training and then straight to the field as a construction control Inspector…It’s been almost two years…but our patience has paid off….Thank you and your staff and have a wonderful Christmas…Alway’s, Jimmy Braninburg


How are you doing? This is Kurt M. If you don’t remember me I worked with you last summer and I was so impressed I had you work with my brother. I was just hired at the VA San Francisco Medical Center as a Program Specialist. I was contacted by email in mid-December to come in for an interview. I thought the interview went well. Later, when I talked to the person who hired me he told me that when they saw my resume they did not want to interview anyone else I was their guy. Monday, on my first day, when I went over the paperwork with HR my resume was in my folder and it was the one you did for me. I wanted to thank you for your work. I had always wanted to work at the VA and although the Federal Government took awhile, it has finally happened. Not only that, it is a GS-9 position! I want you to update your statistics that you helped another person get hired by the Federal Government. I have been telling a lot of people about you. I may being sending two more people to you very shortly. I will also be in touch to have you update my resume when the next VA position I want opens up. Thanks so much!

Kurt M.

Got a Federal Job – Construction Control Inspector – SBA

My name is J. Martinez, a veteran of several conflicts and consequently a 30% disabled vet. Since I left the military in 2005, I found myself in the position of starting over again with a family in tow being paid a high of $14 an hour. When I left the military, I joined USAJobs and various other web sites and used the resume that the people at the education center on the military post helped me with.
Since 2007 or so every job I applied for on USAJobs I consistently received notifications by email the jobs were closed and I was not chosen for various reasons. Then in 2010 I paid a local person $400 to help me with my resume and for the past three years, nothing. I was losing hope; as $14 an hour doesn’t pay the bills. Then I found Anita or actually was referred to her.
Since I met her life has changed dramatically. She helped me with my resume and the day she was finished I turned it in and applied for the job. The next day I was “referred to hiring official.” That was the first time I received anything…ever, I was overjoyed, I was given hope and my family felt relief that I was finally after so many years would be given the chance to use my education (post graduate degree) and my military experience. As I write this, the other position, which I applied to, using the resume Anita helped me with is interviewing me tomorrow. All this has happened since February,2013.
I cannot express in words how much I am indebted to Anita Radosevich. As a veteran sometimes we need to know that there is hope and that we will be o.k. Mrs. Radosevich has done that for me. Thank you.
Please contact me if you need anymore information.

Thank you,

J. Martinez,Veteran

Hi Anita,

Thanks for keeping in touch. I’m doing great btw. Have taken on a federal job out in Indiana back in Jan. 2011 and served the US Navy there for almost 2yrs as an Electronics Engineer. Last Dec. I moved back here in Cali in San Diego area and still with the federal workforce but this time serving the US Marine Corps, working also as an Electronics Engr. out in Camp Pendleton. It’s good that you guys are still in business, I might have to update my resume sometime. Trying to get closer to my family in Sacramento area. But right now I’m good though.
Thanks for helping me out with the resume and job searching and interview. It helped me to get the job out in Indiana and got my foot inside. It became a stepping stone for me getting over here in Southern Cali. My target now is a Contracting/Engineering job with possibly DCMA in Lathrop or in Sacramento, and also maybe a job in Travis AFB or in that AFB near Sacramento area. Thanks again Anita and I’m glad you guys are still in business. Before I left Cali before, I recommended you guys to my friends, and classmates at school.



Dordt College News – Got the job!

Dordt College has named Dr. Eric Forseth its new provost.

As provost, Forseth will serve as the chief academic officer of the college and will offer guidance, encouragement, and accountability to faculty and academic staff. He will also make faculty and program recommendations to the president; co-lead, with the Senate chair, in setting the agenda for the Academic Senate; and lead the accreditation efforts of the college.
“Eric is a person who will lead by creating the organizational and interpersonal conditions for others, including students, faculty, and all team members, to grow and develop,” said Hoekstra. “It comes from his faith in Jesus Christ. Eric sees himself as a servant leader called by God to help people reach their potential. Eric will also build bridges within the college and among groups and organizations in our supporting communities to advance the mission of Dordt College.”
Forseth fills a position that was temporarily held by three administrators at the college after Hoekstra, the former rovost, became president of Dordt College a year ago.
With a teaching background in Christian higher education, proven leadership skills, and a commitment to a Reformed, biblical perspective, Forseth is uniquely equipped for the position.
“Dr. Forseth has demonstrated the ability to walk alongside and lead the faculty, motivating them to develop their teaching and scholarship to the fullest,” said Pam Schmidt, chair of the Provost Search Team and member of the Board of Trustees. “Our committee was also struck by Dr. Forseth’s humility and emphasis on servant leadership.\"
“Forseth earned his B.A. from Northwest Nazarene University, his M.S. from University of Arizona, and a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University. He did additional postdoctoral studies at Harvard University. He and his wife Kim have two grown children and an infant granddaughter.\"

Reference contact information available

Follow Up Survey

Anita spent a lengthy time listening to me and discussing my history in order to produce a resume I can be proud to distribute. My new resume emphasized my key skills related to the targeted field which I believe reassured the employers that I was strong in those areas. It also clearly stated my previous accomplishments which I previously found difficult to explain on my own. I received multiple interviews and now working in the career of my dreams. I not only will recommend Career Ladders, Inc. to anyone looking for a position but will use them again when I am ready to seek a federal position.
Ms. W. Dean in Houston, TX

Thank you for endorsing me. I will now be able to add a new profession to my resume when I need it. Because of the resume I got the job at The Californian.
Thanks do much,
Sent from LinkedIn for iPhone

I was referred to Anita by my VR&E counselor as the contracting person assisting veterans. Through her extensive one-on-one training program I was able to gain a good understanding on how to get a federal job. After the training we focused my resume on a selected position as Peer Support Apprentice. I applied online for the job with confidence. The result was I was referred to the selecting official and was hired August 2013 to begin working as a Peer Support Apprentice in Santa Cruz, CA area. It was the position I wanted and I got the job.
I couldn’t have done it without Anita and Career Ladders.

John Ramirez

This review is entitled ‘Thank you Anita’
Thank you Anita, for all of the help that you have given me over the years. My federal resume I owe to you. The federal resume has paid dividends over and over. It has proven to be a valuable gift that I did not even know I needed. Your help with my forms and registering with USJOBS has allowed me to apply for some of the best jobs in the country. Last but not least Anita for being available and willing to help me continually over the years whenever I had a problem–that has really meant a lot to me.

R. Worthy, Architect

I have been working with Anita…
Subject: I got the position with the Army Corps of Engineers If it were not for the expertise of Career Ladders and Anita I would not have even been considered for this position. Career Ladders is not a resume mill, they are experts in Federal job placement. The Federal job placement system is so complicated that only an expert should attempt to navigate it. Before an application is sent to Jobs USA extensive interviews and resume reviews and re wrights are conducted by Anita. These interviews and resume reviews are conducted via phone and emails therefore there is no need to come to the offices of Career Ladders. I my self am located in New York and Career Ladders is located in California. I have been using the services of Career Ladders for over 15 years for both private and public (Federal) sectors with positive results. Money well spent. Mike Kulak – I may be contacted.

Jennifer B. Live in South Carolina
Resume Services
Career Ladders, Inc. provided a fabulous Federal Resume and Cover Letter by a Certified Federal Job Search Trainer and Resume Writer based upon my experience and background. The Trainer conducted an extensive interview with me that drew out my knowledge, skills, abilities and accomplishments and also gather all facts from my past resume to produce a very effective and professional resume. The Trainer also shared a great deal of knowledge regarding the federal system and the steps required to complete a federal application.
Additional Comments:
It went very well. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a Federal position. Although, the Trainer is located in California, we communicated via email and telephone and it worked out just perfect.

Jenn B. RECEIVED LETTER – (Rated Best Qualified for an Ideal Job in the city where she lives) Your application for DEU-SC-2014-4289, Business and Cooperative Technician, GS-1101-07 in Columbia, SC has been evaluated as follows: You were rated among the Best Qualified candidates and your name was referred to the selecting official
Thank you for your interest in employment with USDA, Rural Development

it wasn’t for Anita and her services, I would not have a job with the VA today. She worked with me and wrote me a resume that was well worth the price. This is an investment in yourself that needs to be made if you are separating from service soon. Don’t fall for the places that offer much less, you will get exactly what you pay for. Who wouldn’t want to invest $999 in themselves and get 40+ times that amount in my case? The federal job system is complicated already, and getting out and transitioning is hard enough. Your chances of getting a federal job is much better to have a professional navigate you through that has a 100% success rate. Anita is that person.

Christopher D – TN

Hi Anita,
I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know how pleased I am with the resume! It is extraordinary and better than I anticipated. I have shared my experience with my colleagues and passed on your contact information. I have also started applying for jobs. I will definitely be using your resume services in the future! J
Thanks, A very pleased customer! J

Joy W., MSW, LSW

Career Ladders was once again instrumental in evaluating my 20+ years of military knowledge, skills and abilities and tailoring them to a specific job announcement with the Federal Government. With the tailored resume from, I cleared the Human Resources screening and was provided an opportunity to interview. I was offered the position last Friday. Since meeting Anita of Career Ladders in 2007, I went from unemployed to employed in 2007 as a GS-07, to my new position, which starts Monday, as a GS-12. Thank you Career Ladders.

Career Ladder Inc delivers quality products. I worked with Anita and she took considerable time to get to know me personally in order to craft a quality professional federal resume. I had toiled for more than two years on USA Jobs with zero results. After working with Anita in four months I had four interviews that included the Department of Homeland Security, Social Security Administration (SSA), and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Not only did I have an interview, I had options. I selected a postion with the EEOC.
Anita took the time in reviewing my prior evaluations, awards, community involvement, education, and workforce knowledge,skills and abilities. She tailored my resume for the types of positions I was seeking employment opportunities. She incorporated the key words so the computer programs and Human Resource Managers would key on my resume. The pre-job interview training was very helpful and Anitia takes the time to check in with her clients. Career Ladders is a very warm and friendly environment to work the job searching streets with.The work products are so professional that my spouse is also working with Career Ladders Inc. Thank you for taking the time to read.

Very Respectfully,

This is my first post and one that I must share with those looking for employment and transitioning from military service. I strongly believe having your resume written (or simply reviewed) by a qualified professional is extremely valuable. I don’t say this simply because I needed a professional to assist me with translating my military experience into a suitable civilian career as it was my first time in 28 years now faced with the realization of seeking employment and not knowing exactly what I wanted to do in pursuit of a new career.
Career Ladders provided excellent resume writing services and recruiting tools that made it very clear that most people are not objective enough to present themselves in the most favorable way. Anita created a great resume highlighting my years of experience of who I am not a document that is their “conception” of you.
Anita took an individualized approach; working with you to uncover talents, skills and competencies that you may not even be aware you possess. She is a professional resume writer that will take the time to make certain the resume is an accurate depiction of you and also make certain that the final product is one to which you can speak.
Anita was aware of what buzzwords make a resume look fresh vs. outdated, for example, “traffic and distribution” vs. “logistics” vs. “supply chain”. She also had a strong sense of how the job market works and how hiring managers think. Yes, the service may seem pricey, however Career Ladders was worth the money.
I start my new job end of month July–I highly recommend Career Ladders!
Tony C. –

You told me exactly what you do to make the resume readable by the system. My wife decided she didn’t want the job to go by without taking a chance on it. So she took your advice and ran with it. Well, I applied for the Human Resource position but they hired me for the GS-11 Physician Recruiter position which is the one I wanted. I start May 19th in Amarillo, Texas. You can now put on your own profile that you’ve gotten people hired even before you wrote a resume. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your help. I got the job and am constantly referring you to others. I will be keeping you in mind when I need to update my resume or put in for another position. Again, thank you for everything!
Mr. Rich
Newly hired Physician Recruiter
GS-11, Veteran’s Administration

"I just got a job as an Environmental Technician position in Rancho Cordova. I start July 26th! SMILE"

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