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Military to Civilian Resume Service:

Gets You One Foot through the Door

Many people use one resume all their lives. This should not be the case, especially if you want to get hired. And if you’re a person who came from military service and wants to obtain a civilian career in government, certainly the resume you submitted to the military service several years ago won’t be sufficient when you apply for federal service. Get your resume in shape with Federal Resume Writer. The first thing you have to do is to “civilianize” your resume. Lose the military language you have acquired over the years. We will help you with the transition. We have over 10 years of experience in helping professionals / veterans get the job. Being part of the military will surely make you a prime applicant because of the discipline it entails, and the acquiescence to training. However, it is the well-developed resume that will get you through the door of federal service.

Resume Builder for Military to Civilian

– Find Success with Federal Resume Writer

Are you looking to take the big step from military service to civilian career? Create the resume that will get you the job. We at Federal Resume Writer will get you job ready!

Resume Writing: Military to Civilian

– How to Make the Transition on Paper

One of the most important things we can help you with is by going over your crossover (from military to civilian) potential and putting in on paper for the employer to see. The resume is an employer’s first link to a potential employee. This is why an applicant’s data should scream qualified, skilled, knowledgeable and adaptable. The last one is important considering your background is enough to entice a potential employer—but will you be able to learn civilian skills? Our company has a team of experts that have been in the game for a long time. They know what employers want—they were in that position. They know how applicants should behave and how they actually behave—they’ve worn those shoes, too. Not only do we help you write the resume that gets you an interview, we also coach you to get the job. Moreover, we continue the training so you may keep the job. We will even continue to help you when you receive a promotion.

Military to Civilian Resume:

What It Should Say

Your resume should articulate both military and civilian information. As mentioned, having military background will make you an ideal and attractive applicant. But your ability to fit into a civilian position with ease is what will get you the job. Of course, the employer will not know if you will fit like a glove until you are actually hired. But your resume and the interview process will speak volumes about your adaptability. We have helped over 2,000 military personnel make a successful transition. Military men and women are trainers, organizers and decision-makers, which make them perfect for a position in human resources or a personnel training team. These are very important positions in government as well. People who came from a military background also have a strong work ethic—which is sometimes more important than the actual skill, since such ethic makes one susceptible to getting the required skill. These are all skills that your resume should exemplify.

So you see, a military background will only give you so much advantage. A resume that already speaks of military to civilian transition—with the advantages spelled out—will get you the job you desire and deserve. And we are the career agents who will show you how.

Start building a civilian career with Federal Resume Writer’s top professional resume writing service at more affordable professional fees. Visit our website today to know more about our professional resume services. Call us at 1-888-247-3786 to get started.

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