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Federal Resume Writer’s Top 5 Helpful App for Veterans

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Returning to civilian life after longstanding military service is no cakewalk. While it’s true that many veterans look forward to spending lots of quality time with their families, transitioning back to society can be quite unnerving—if not entirely alienating.

At the same time, moving on from the military lifestyle leaves most confused on what to do next; as stepping back into a peaceful society can feel so empty in their part. Another pressing issue is finding a new job. Although there are many work opportunities available for everyone, those who have no prior work experience other than working in the military are sure to find more difficulty in initial screenings compared to candidates with more impressive portfolios and education.

That’s why military retirees often plan to get back to school, but simply can’t afford such investment. Financially, it’s still far more reasonable to find a job as soon as possible—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to financial and emotional burdens.

Luckily, there are resources out there that can help you. Below, Federal Resume Writer presents you with the top 5 top helpful apps for veterans, available on both Android and iOS devices.


POS REP is a proximity app that uses GPS to show veterans where others are in their vicinity. If a user chooses to throw a “flare”—the app will show their exact location so that users in the area can choose to meet up in person. POS REP is currently available in all states, but it is most effective in Los Angeles where the founders have collaborated with the local Volunteers of America to expand their “Battle Buddies” program.

MVDC Military & Vet Discounts

The Military and Veterans Discount Center (MVDC) App has the largest collection of military and veteran discounts on the web. It searches and finds free deals, special offers, and discounts within the user’s local area. It boasts the largest directory of military and veteran discounts, offering 350,000+ discounts. The MVDC app also has a rewards program that allows the users to
invite other military friends and earn reward points and gift cards.

PTSD Coach

The app addresses the needs of our veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome as they return from current and past conflicts. PTSD Coach allows veterans to enter their level of
distress and guide them through a series of questions. However, the PTSD Coach app is only a quick substitute, not a replacement for traditional methods of psychological treatments. Users will still find this app extremely useful as it monitors the range of symptoms commonly experienced by individuals exposed to the trauma.

Claims Coach Mobile App

The American Legion Claims Coach app provides U.S. military veterans and their families with step-by-step guidance to assist in the process of filing claim benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The American Legion Claims Coach is an organizational tool to help veterans, their families and service officers ease the process of VA benefits application. The app does not replace personal contact with service officers, however, it helps veterans understand and work through the often-complicated process of filing VA benefit claims.

MyRefill Rx

The MyRefill Rx app provides educational content to users with high blood pressure, including specialized tools and resources, the ability to create reminders for appointments and medication schedules, and a home delivery option to refill prescriptions. Veterans are sure to benefit as it monitors a decent amount of vital signs on a regular basis. With a few taps, scrolls and keystrokes, you can create reminders, and order medication!

Experiences on the battlefield—both good and bad—change the way we look at life and deal with others. Let these apps help you get back on track today!

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